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July 2021 to June 2022

Literacy Alliance Quarterly Meetings



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Join us for our next Quarterly Meeting. At this meeting we hear about the results of the adult education report commissioned by the Office of Children and Families. The report will inform future decisions about how the city can support adult education, and will be used by OCF to work together with partners to strategically coordinate adult education services.


Join us for our next Quarterly Meeting. At this meeting we hear about the return of the myPLACE adult education network now being operated from the Office of Children & Families, which also sponsors adult classes at Community Schools.

To view a recording of the December Quarterly Meeting use this link:

Recording of 12/8/2020 Quarterly Alliance Meeting

The first 2021 Quarterly Meeting will be held in March.

Date and registration link to follow.


The Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance welcomes adult education teachers, tutors, and other practitioners or administrators who are committed to furthering the scope and professionalism of adult education in Philadelphia. Membership is free. Join those of us who care about making quality adult education opportunities available to all citizens of Philadelphia.

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The Alliance has open seats on the board. If you have been active in the adult education field in Philadelphia and feel that you have experience and skills to contribute to the growth of the Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance you may apply for one of the currently open seats on the Alliance Board.

The recording of the Q&A on the State of Adult Education in Philadelphia from 5/20/20 meeting is available here:

Recording of 5/20/20 Q&A

The recording of the Quarterly Philadelphia Adult Literacy Alliance Meeting from 5/27/20 is available here:

Recording of 5/27/20 Quarterly Alliance Meeting